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Connect to Bangkok Destinations

Don Mueang - Khao San
Don Mueang - SILOM

Connected with the main public transportations in the heart of Bangkok.

Fast and Comfortable Way from Don Mueang Airport to Your Destinations

      We all want a perfect start! After arriving at Don Mueang Airport (Domestic Flight), it’s better to have less problem travelling into the City. Let “Airport Limo Bus Express” be your right option. We offer you a fast, easy, comfortable and economical way to travel ever!

      We offer a service from Don Mueang Airport to Lumpini Park and Khao-san Road. Also, connect to sky train (BTS) and Metro Train (MRT).

      To ensure you’re getting the best transport, here is our service:


     “Airport Limo Bus Express” is the best choice for your travel experience. Our company is supported by AOT (Airport of Thailand PLC.). With the high-quality service, you’ll get to your destination nicely and smooth. And you don’t have to worry about being late. You can manage your time more efficiently with the travel schedule.

Cost Effective

     It is the best option for saving your budget with an affordable price. It’s cheaper than other transportation compared to service and facilities you'll get. The flat-rate fare is THB150. It’s only one price for every trip back and forth.

Convenient and Comfortable

      We are at your service! The bus is ready to go at gate no. 6-8, Termainal1 and gate no.14, Terminal 2. You can book a seat in a short period at the airport or book in advance via our website. The bus can uphold passengers up to 33 people. We can ensure the most comfortable ride in and out of City.

Free Wi-Fi on Limo Bus

      We provide you a free Wi-Fi on Limo Bus, allowing you to access information at your fingertip. You can fully use the time during the ride checking information about your hotel or search some interesting places to go.

      For travelers, nothing is better than a good transportation. Choose Airport Limo Bus Express’s service. Let’s us take care of you into the City of Bangkok.